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Much Hadham Bridleway 038

Herts County Council’s Countryside Management & Rights of Way team has recently reopened Bridleway 038 following a bridge replacement at its junction with Danebridge Road. I visited the site yesterday and the work has been done to a good standard. Regards Dave Webber… Continue reading

May news

Hello Everyone – Hi there, Don’t forget to check the Website, as there may always be a surprise walk listed, or info regarding a meeting place as there are so many road closures occurring locally. Time like an ever-rolling stone. Sorry, no time to pursue the Stansted/Stortford public linked pathway . Indeed, not even taken… Continue reading

April news

Hello Everyone – Hi there, Don’t forget to check the Website, as there may always be a surprise walk listed. The BSDFA is pursuing a linked safe walk (maybe cycle way )into Stortford from Stansted., the Public Rights of Way over Stortford North, and Stortford South, the Railway crossing  closures, the register  of “forgotten footpaths”… Continue reading

Bishop’s Stortford South (update)

The BSS opposition campaign has a new name- OTTRAHOT (Old Thorley & Twyford Residents Association – Hands Off Thorley).  OTTRA is planning a demonstration walk across the proposed development site this Sunday, 10th March at 11.00 hrs. Those joining the walk have been asked to gather on the green open space opposite the Thorley Scouts HQ (Church Lane at… Continue reading

Bishop’s Stortford North – Footpath 002

Herts CC Rights of Way, has advised BSDFA of a problem impacting BS FP002 (this is the footpath that runs across the BSN development from Barrellsdown Road, under the A120 bypass, towards Farnham). A new culvert which the developers have installed to replace the crumbling brick culvert on this path was not authorised by the… Continue reading

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