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SUNDAY WALKS:  all Leaving at 10.00am                                                                                      5/6 miles 

We recommence:

01 Oct 2017 Braughing Axe&Compasses, 28 The Street (via A10, B1368, Ford St) GridRef: TL397252. Post code SG11 2QR

15 Oct  2017 Manuden Church – park on the roadside                                       GridRef: TL491266. Postcode CM23 1DF

November Details awaited

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to Autumn.

Just a little bit more knowledge to impart, particularly for those who enjoy walking along the River Stort:

One of the advantages of walking along the river or canal is that apart from the locks, is is basically FLAT. If walking or just visiting, should you find a maintenance issue along a tow-path – a tree down across the path or something impeding passage in the river, canal, or lock, this should be referred to the Canal and River Trust, (British Waterways no longer exists). In the case of the River Stort, the relevant organisation is the London Branch, and they can be contacted by:

Email: and, Tel: 0303 040 4040…. 09.30 – 16.30 Monday to Friday.

Work is progressing quickly on the Stortford North development, and there are numerous footpaths and bridleway across the land which have issues problematical to the User. These will be resolved in the long term, but in the short-term unless using one of these PROWS is unavoidable, it is best to avoid the conflict.

Essex County Council has Made an Order to divert Bridleways 14, 15 & 16 in the parish of Farnham in the District of Uttlesford, so check the new routes out before you plan to use them. Also, be aware that the Side Roads Order for the Little Hadham Bypass has been approved but there should not be any time during the construction of the bypass that the footpaths/bridleways are not available . Network Rail is progressing its closure plans for pedestrian level crossings. The discussion is now removed to the Secretary of State’s Inquiry on 18 October at Chelmsford.

There is a new STANSTED Concessionary (Permissive) Footpath created by the Farmer – Bentfield Bury Farm.  Set off from Bentfield Lower Green taking Pennington Lane until FP3 [finger post].  Follow this to  the north side of a large field; the land rises and there are good country views across the field (by continuing you would reach Manuden;  to the left and in the distance is a small wood called Flat Iron Spring [it is triangular in shape finishing in a sharp point].  At the tip of the Wood there are new marker posts indicating the line of the new permissive path – labels awaited: turn left [south] to the tip of Flat Iron Spring;  turn right for a short distance, then left across a large field following the line of the hedge to plastic directional notices; turn right and go straight on until you get to reach Bentfield Bower and the road back to Bentfield Lower Green – stopping maybe at the Rose and Crown?

East Herts Planning application 3/17/1883/FUL (retrospective approval – Erection of stands and Lighting for the BS Rugby Club. It refers to BS Public Footpath no. 7 currently running diagonally from Little Hadham Road at the junction with Cricket Field Lane and across the Silver Leys playing fields (Including the 1st team pitch), to the northwest corner at the  junction with Bridleway 008. We ask you to support BS Ramblers who recommend the footpath should not be closed but diverted around the Rugby playing area.

And so to walking…..well, Autumn and particularly October can include occasional short hot sunny days, wet days, windy days and dewy damp days, or a combination of anything and everything, so be prepared for whatever the weather has to offer, or as the saying goes –  historical data is only a guidance and should not be relied on determine future actual results. Enjoy yourself, have fun, have a walk today.

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Daphne Wallace-Jarvis, Bishop’s Stortford and District Footpaths Association  BSDFA.

I am indebted to: David Glass, Ramblers Footpath Secretary for Bishop’s Stortford, Stansted Information from Bill Stiles. Photograph by Sylvia Hayes BSDFA

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