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Hello Everyone –

Hi there, Don’t forget to check the Website, as there may always be a surprise walk listed.

The BSDFA is pursuing a linked safe walk (maybe cycle way )into Stortford from Stansted., the Public Rights of Way over Stortford North, and Stortford South, the Railway crossing  closures, the register  of “forgotten footpaths” – finding/collating proof required for submission to Herts or Essex  CC’s for application as PRoWs, the Manuden Road – pedestrian safety, and of course, Harlow North development.

All this takes some considerable time.

So much to do. Sometimes I feel bad about just going out to plan a walk.

Crunch-line – Anyone who can spare some time to assist in any of these please get in touch – Our Many Thanks.

Photographs – kissing gate courtesy of Sylvia Hayes

Daphne Wallace-Jarvis, Publicity Officer:      dwjjwj.444@gmail.com    


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  1. Spencer Lynch

    Good afternoon, I sent you a message this morning about paths on BS North and then completed the Membership Form and sent it off.
    I look forward to helping out where possible in the future.

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