Birchanger Woods – Englands First QR Trail

QR Nature Trail
The Trust has highlighted signage as a priority, and has started by installing a QR trail to encourage all ages of visitors to learn more about the woods.  The trail will initially be small and then expanded over time.  This project is in harmony with the Trusts objectives as outlined at the end of this page.
The Trust, together with Stort Valley Rotary have raised funds to enable signs to be installed using both the normal visual boards and ‘QR’ or quick recognition codes.   Each QR POI (point of interest) will take you to a web  page that will describe what you can see at that point on the trail.   For example the Rotary QR will take you to the Rotary web site and the other QR on the main sign will take you to this page.
QR codes are best described as bar codes “on steroids” as they enable people with mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets to capture the code and thereby be directed to a specific web page which could be text, pictures or even video.
To capture the QR code you will need to download a piece of software to your phone, such as SCAN from Google Play (Android). Or SCAN for iPhone and iPad
Once you have downloaded the SCAN software to your mobile device, simply point the device’s camera at the QR code and you will be directed to the web site to which it refers.
For example the QR code above will take you to the Birchanger Wood Trust home page.   Simples!

Link to more information about QR codes

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