Further to my earlier post, I’m pleased to confirm that the footpath is now open. Unfortunately, the section of connecting path running from Bells Hill has not been upgraded as it it not registered as a public right of way on the Hertfordshire Definitive Map. The BSDFA submitted paperwork for this anomaly to be addressed a couple of years ago but due to a backlog at Herts CC it could be some time before we see any progress on this issue.

The kissing gates have been removed but I have been reliably informed that a set will be reinstated at the northern end of the footpath. The surface is looking good and showed no evidence of water when I walked it following the recent downpour.

May be an image of nature and tree
May be an image of nature, tree and road
May be an image of nature, tree, road and grass
May be an image of nature and tree
May be an image of map and text that says "Great 4 Plantings Wood Stortford Park A1184 Bishopst Park Playing Field Prk-00 Cottages STORTFORD BISHOP Clay Pit Farm 93 New 004 3km 47 St Michaels Mead A"

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