Bishop’s Stortford North – Footpath 002

Herts CC Rights of Way, has advised BSDFA of a problem impacting BS FP002
(this is the footpath that runs across the BSN development from Barrellsdown
Road, under the A120 bypass, towards Farnham).

A new culvert which the developers have installed to replace the crumbling brick culvert on this
path was not authorised by the appropriate authorities, and it has been
inappropriately sited so that it will not convey water correctly.

This could lead to flooding and/or pollution of the aquifer. As a consequence, the
developers have been instructed to remove the incorrect culvert immediately
and replace it with a correct structure as soon as possible.

This will unfortunately require the path to be closed. This will be done by a 21 day
emergency closure by site notice in the first instance, replaced by a
traffic regulation order thereafter.

The developers are required to provide an alternative route close by during the closure, details of which are still
to be agreed

If you notice any issues on this footpath or any other public right of way across the Bishop’s Stortford North site then please let BSDFA know.

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