Bryan Road,Bishops Stortford

EH428 Bryan Road,Bishops Stortford.

The passageway between Bryan Road (beside Hunts and the open space to the east) was the subject of a Deed of Surrender dating from 1969 which dedicated it as a public highway.

Hertfordshire County Council has been asked to record the route on the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way and is asking for feedback regarding how and between which years the route has been used.

Please send any information to the undersigned, to arrive no later than 7th May 2014.

If you have any queries about this case or the process involved, please telephone me on 01992 555239. Please remember that further information is contained on our website,

Yours sincerely

Simon Bell

Definitive Map Officer

Rights of Way Service, CHN103

Hertfordshire County Council




  1. Keith Barnes

    I have just noticed this request for useage information on the Bryan Road to Grange Paddocks Bishops Stortford footpath.
    I have been a Town Councillor in Bishops Stortford for 30 years and currently an Honarary Alderman of East Herts, having lived in the town 69 years. I have, and continue to use this right of way for many years. It is very popular with dog walkers and people wishing to connect with the tarmac footpath adjacent to the River Stort and leading to the Town or linking over the new railway crossing bridge to Stansted Road and Hockerill. Footballers and parents use it to access the Grange Paddocks pitches and the swimming pool. I hope this remains as a public right of way to this unspoilt natural part of the town.

  2. John Brogden

    I have been using the path between Bryan Road and the meads for many years. This is also a level short cut to the shops which is of benefit to those with walking difficulties.

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