Further to my post on 10 July, I’m pleased to report that the deadline for comments on the LCWIP has been extended by three weeks to 18 August 2023. Thank you for the constructive comments posted to us so far which we have have shared with the East Herts LCWIP team. Please continue to feed in your comments on potential walking and cycling improvements in the area.

On a similar theme, the BSDFA, along with a representative from Cycle Stortford, has been co-opted onto a new Bishop’s Stortford Town Council Sustainable Transport Sub-Committee. We held our first meeting on 13 July and discussed the LCWIP and its implications, 20 mph speed limits and had a brief overview of existing Active Travel schemes in the town. We then walked the projected Meads cycle/walkway, which in essence follows the river, but returned in the pouring rain along an alternative way, via the railway.The next meeting is scheduled for 15 September.

The BS Independent provided some positive coverage regarding the new sub-committee (see photos). Although it would be fair to say that has also been some negativity in the local community of the ‘we’ve been there before’ variety. Which is fair enough. Hopefully we can prove them wrong.

We’ll keep you updated.

Dave Webber – BSDFA

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