Hertfordshire County Council (Little Hadham Footpath 43) Diversion Order 2022

Back in June this year we posted that Herts County Council (HCC) had issued an Order for the diversion of Little Hadham Footpath 043. We considered that the Order ticked all the boxes and provided the following positive response to HCC.

“The diversion makes sense and I can confirm that subject to the following caveats the BSDFA would not object to it. The diverted footpath should meet the minimum width requirement (1.5 metres for a field edge path) and that appropriate protection is put in place to ensure that it remains undisturbed from cultivation / ploughing. The surface of the new section of path is suitable for year round walking.”

I had an opportunity to walk the diverted path over the Christmas break and can confirm that the diversion has been created to a good standard. The footpath forms part of an excellent walk from the western edge of Bishop’s Stortford toward the Hadhams.

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