Hertfordshire County Council (Little Hadham Footpath 43) Diversion Order 2022

Herts County Council has issued an order for the diversion of Little Hadham Foopath 43. Any objections to the order must be submitted in writing to HCC before 6 July 2022 – full details can be found in the attachments to this post.

The BSDFA was consulted about this diversion a couple of years ago and submitted the following comments:

“The diversion makes sense and I can confirm that subject to the following caveats the BSDFA would not object to it. The diverted footpath should meet the minimum width requirement (1.5 metres for a field edge path) and that appropriate protection is put in place to ensure that it remains undisturbed from cultivation / ploughing. The surface of the new section of path is suitable for year round walking.”

The order ticks all the boxes and so we propose to advise Herts CC that we have no objection.

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May be an image of text that says "16:32 Thu2 Jun Done Little Hadham, Little Hadham 43, 100% Notice and Order.pdf pdf SCHEDULE DESCRIPTION PART SITE EXISTING PATH OR WAY full width of that Hadham Footpath commencing Millfield (public road) TL 4483 2190 (Point Order Plan) then running westerly Millfield Cottage, approximately metres 4476 2190 (Point Order Plan). DESCRIPTION PART SITE NEW PATH OR WAY Public footpath commencing Millfield Lane (public road) (Point on awest westerly direction approximate metres the south side boundary join Little Hadham footpath 4476 2190 (Point Order Plan). Width: metres A metre gap, PART LIMITATIONS AND CONDITIONS BS5709:2018, near 4483 2192 the Order"
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