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Messsage from the Chair of Bishops Stortford and District Footpaths Association


Bishop’s Stortford South – Public Consultation (Tuesday 12th December 2017  to Friday 2nd February 2018)

 The BSDFA are very surprised that Countryside, the housebuilder, has announced a public consultation on proposals for the development of what is still Green Belt land to the south of Bishop’s Stortford. Although East Herts District Council has identified the land for residential development in its latest District Plan, this is still subject to review by a Government Inspector whose final report is not expected until April next year. You may have already received a leaflet through the post from Countryside promoting two public exhibitions that will take place in the town next week – full details can be found by following the link below.


 The BSDFA has opposed plans for development of this site previously in 2012 when it was earmarked for the relocation of two secondary schools (Bishop’s Stortford High and the Herts & Essex). The plans were reviewed and rejected by the Secretary of State and we see no reason why such a recent judgement should be reversed.

 The BSDFA will be represented at the ‘consultation’ and will make its feelings known. I would encourage members to do likewise.

                Publicity Officer: dwjjwj.444@gmail.com                     www.walksaroundstortford.org.uk   


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  1. Mr D Clark

    I have used this path quite a lot as it’s a short cut to the car park and library,I want to see this kept open as it’s surly beneficial to everyone.

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