July News

Hello all –

Hi there, Don’t forget to check the Website, as there may always be a surprise walk listed.

Watch out and check for road closures and build in your ‘get to’ timings accordingly!!!

May was lovely weather…..walks weren’t bad either!!

After June, we take a break , so see you in September…

When walking throughout  this summer, check before-hand, since there are so many road closures and footpath diversions in place owing to the high number of Development sites in our area.

We will also try and have our Walks for the Winter season planned over summer – Why don’t you lead a walk?

We are really short of walk leaders.  I know that I plan my walks out from the local Ordnance survey map, I roughly measure it, and walk it a couple of times, BUT if you have a great, or good or interesting walk that you know – Let’s try it Please….this is not rocket science!

In June we took a lovely trail …over the hill from Manuden to Stansted and back, then taking the church PRoW Footpath up to the little road west of the village, and turning  north to arrive back at the Manuden Community Centre.

En route we were able to spot many of the the amazing Scarecrow displays – a fantastic  amount of individual village effort. The winner for 2019 was Wallace and Grommet – shown in the attached photograph

Best regards -Daphne WJ

Daphne Wallace-Jarvis, Publicity Officer:      dwjjwj.444@gmail.com

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