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SUNDAY WALKS:  all Leaving at 10.00am                                                                                      5/6 miles 

Break for July and August – we recommence:

03 Sep  2017  Stanstead Abbotts Car Park (entrance is off the main street) GridRef: TL384119. Postcode SG12 8AG

17 Sep  2017 Hatfield Heath Car Park – Behind the Chip Shop                          GridRef: TL524150. Postcode CM22 7EB

01 Oct  2017  CHECK THE WEBSITE – details will go up later in June

15 Oct  2017 Manuden Church – park on the roadside                                       GridRef: TL491266. Postcode CM23 1DF

Hello Everyone.

Well I sadly missed walking on the 21st May, owing to  a recurrence of the duff throat and runny nose! Wrists both now fine and operational.

Our walk commencing at Duton Hill on the 4th June took place in perfect weather – fine, sun, and a moderate/mild wind. The recent heavy rains had produced a beautifully green healthy vegetation all-round and the crops – wheat, barley, some broad beans and oil-seed rape, now devoid of its yellow flowers, were all  standing firm. En-route to to Duton Hill, most of our participants noticed two fields of linseed where there was a good hint blue as the flowers were just starting to blossom. Everywhere around was a perfect Essex green topped off by a by a sky of blue and white clouds. The one item which could be seen from many places along this walk was the Thaxted church spire.

Our Stansted Mountfitchet footpath reporter advises:

 Footpaths nos.23+50 Elms Farm, Stansted:

FP23 is in poor condition , the nettles are now extremely high and there is a lot of unattractive litter at the bottom of the iron steps leading to the footpath from Church Road. A way-marker is missing where FP23 heads towards the tunnel beneath the M11.

FP50 is closed where it joins FP23 just beside the bridge over Stansted Brook owing to housing development at Elms Farm.

The Bridge over Stansted Brook at the junction of FP23 and FP50 is quite dire.  It surely cannot meet today’s safety standards.  If someone misses their footing here they could be swept under the bridge beneath the railway line.

High Lane, Stansted, B1383:

A new asphalt footway link from just south of St Theresa’s Church up to the bridge over the Ugley Brook has just been completed – no more walking in the road! This footway is going to be extended fully up to the Cambridge Road, but for this we have to wait for the Developers of the Walpole Farm house estate.

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