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Hello Everyone –

Hi there, Don’t forget to check the Website, as there may always be a surprise walk listed, or info regarding a meeting place as there are so many road closures occurring locally.

The walks in April  have been really good and jolly interesting and we have indeed been lucky with the weather.  Our local walks through our area of East Herts and North Essex have been super underfoot and with varied assorted woodlands and birds,  open views, villages, the Stort, aircraft, and have included so many interesting vistas across our varied and yet familiar and off-times brilliant countryside. Our walks have been again been very successful in the weather so far….Here’s hoping!

It has been really great to have you all come along – any chance you can  give me some feedback too.  No pressure!

There are a lot of issues around the Stortford North development, so again, please beware and report them.

Recent walks over the Hallingburys and along the Stort River,  and the old ‘galloping track under the flight-path into Stansted Airport were quite different – We will endeavor  to keep them varied – so, where would you like to walk?

We try to encompass the area north/south from Harlow North to roughly Widdington and east/west from Braughing to Stansted Airport.  Do you have a favorite are…there are loads of possibilities in our radius around Bishop’s Stortford?

After June, we take a break , so see you in September…

Best regards -Daphne WJ


Daphne Wallace-Jarvis, Publicity Officer:      dwjjwj.444@gmail.com

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