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SUNDAY WALKS: all Leaving at 10.00am 5/6 miles

22nd April Albury Parish Hall, The Bourne, Grid Ref: TL441248 P/Code: SG11 2JD, Tel 07914949547

20th May Thremhall Park, Bury Lodge Lane, Start Hill, Grid Ref: TL531215 P/Code: CM22 7WE, Tel 07977371435

Hello – Reference Twitchells in Bishop’s Stortford…and thank those of you who have responded – I NEED MORE helpful comments…. We do need to prove that these pathways have been used regularly for over 20 years……OK, so over to you….personally, I have indeed used the Riva path(twitchell) for well over this time span, HAVE YOU, or do you know of people who have…Again Please?

Just heard that F/path12 in Stansted will be be closed for a month from 26.03.18….this is the path linking Pennington Lane with Cambridge Road and runs along the Walpole farm development!

An update on F/path23, also Stansted, and the new houses constructed on Elms Farm…the developers have widened the brook and cleared its banks and once all the earth moving has been completed on the farm site and the landscape returns to its natural state then this whole area should look very attractive. BUT in respect of the footpaths within this greenscape there is a HUGE need to pursue a proper surface ‘hogging’ to ensure a solid base on which residents, disabled persons, children, disabled persons, and all other residents can walk and use this new parkland facility without becoming embroiled in MUD, AND to ensure that this’ parkland’ does not ‘dissolve’ into a sea of mud whenever the weather is inclement.

Continuing with F/path23 …along this section of walk – currently there is a fallen tree that has partially blocked the path which you have to duck under, and a large bush that has flopped across the path from the railway land. Both need clearing back.

OK, further afield, we are trying with Stortford to work in providing a ‘proper footpath’link from the Stortford North developmentinto Stansted.

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