Network Rail Level Crossings (Herts)

As you may already be aware,Network Rail is working to improve safety across the network by providing footbridges at selected high risk locations on the Anglia route (which covers east Hertfordshire, east Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk).

In Hertfordshire, the following sites have been chosen:

  • Thorley level crossing (Thorley footpath 5)
  • Mansers level crossing (Hoddesdon footpath 18)
  • Johnsons level crossing (Bishop’s Stortford footpath 60)

The bridges are being constructed at present (the one at Johnsons crossing is already open to the public), with relevant land and planning consents having been obtained

In addition to this, the level crossing at Cadmore Lane in Cheshunt (footpath 9) is to close and be replaced by a cycleway bridge. The creation of the new right of way is being undertaken through the Planning procedure.

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