November news

Hello all –

Weather is getting wet…… however, the forecasted winds and rain for Sunday the 29th September didn’t really match the expected woe and doom and we have enjoyed a most generously dry summer.

Couple of interesting things – Went out with Tony Wellings the other day and we found a very rare Nettle-leafed Blue Bell Flower. Incidentally, I now know what Badger poo looks like,,, Their  latrines are at some distance from their holts (their dens) and their poo, well it is rather like human ‘dumps’ -and  yes, a fairly large dollop.

It wasn’t particularly windy but there was very little wildlife of birds about, so I think they may have been listening to the poor weather forecast. The leaves were still hanging onto the trees and bushes, and there was a very  abundant supply of irresistibly, large and very sweet, blackberries, a variety of hips, apples, and the bright red berries of the high climbing white Bryony (not edible and highly poisonous). Also about, were cobnuts, and some not so large, sloe berries.

Photograph of the nettle leafed Blue bell flower, is courtesy of Tony Wellings


Best regards -Daphne WJ

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