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Hello All

First walk in September was brilliant….a trip to Debden… and a lovely day ‘to boot’.

Newport to Debden took us through chalk loam-lands of northern Essex which provided a propensity for both UP and DOWN…some of them requiring quite a bit of ‘puff’. There were an amazing number of sloe bushes….so I must buy some quantities of gin or vodka, go back and pick, this bountiful crop of sloes and make some ridiculously easy sloe gin/vodka.

and this walk will be followed by other ‘goodies’…..

October takes us over to the east to Stanstead Abbots which is always an interesting wander with a very varied and usually green countryside and maybe some water…I don’t know the planned route, but it could include the river Lee/and or its tributaries or wetlands – so join us and explore.
The later October walk planned walk takes us again North Essex, out to Clavering…….an area of mild Essex hills and wide open countryside and usually some terrific views – so again, do come along and be surprised.

Photograph is by Bob Coyle – Roe Deer – Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust site.
Daphne Wallace-Jarvis, Publicity Officer: dwjjwj.444@gmail.com www.walksaroundstortford.org.uk

Our most common native deer, Roe Deer tend to be solitary in summer, but can form small, loose groups in winter. The males have relatively short antlers, typically with six points. They begin to grow their antlers in November, shedding the velvet from them in the spring. By Summer, they are ready for the rutting season. After mating, they shed their antlers in October and begin to grow a new set. Roe Deer live in areas of mixed countryside, with farmland, grassland, heathland and woodland.

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