Back in December 2021, I posted that we had met with the Area Operations Manager from the Canal & River Trust (CRT) to review damage to sections of the towpath adjacent to the northern end of the Thorley Wash nature reserve. The damage had been caused by water overflowing from a flooded drainage channel on an adjacent private wet woodland. CRT were planning to undertake remedial work during 2022 but unfortunately this didn’t take place and they have recently provided me with the following update:

“We did purchase material around summer last year which is now at Sheering Mill Island, but unfortunately our boat was out of action for a good 3 months at the time when we were hoping to start this work! and with the drought challenges last year meant shortage of water on some parts of the river which we had to manage took so much of my teams time. Plan is, as soon as we finish with vegetation cut back as we can only do this whilst it’s not birds nesting season which finishes mid-March then will make start on the towpath work, if there’s any changes will keep you posted.”

Hopefully I’ll be in a position to provide a positive update shortly.

Dave Webber – BSDFA

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