Herts County Council (HCC) is intending to make an order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to close the sections of the above-mentioned footpaths heading west from the newly constructed estate spine road for a distance of approximately 890 and 220 metres. The closure has been requested by the developers to enable works to take place. The order will come into effect on 30 May 2022 for up to six months when signs are in place.

We have raised our concerns about these closures with HCC who provided the following response.

“They (the developers) will need to shut Thorley Footpaths 1 and 3 on at least two further occasions, in order to install more infrastructure, and to construct houses and a road. These closures will not necessarily be continuous and the alternative routes available will vary, but, in order to simplify matters, we have agreed to make a standard six month closure, and then apply to the Secretary of State for permission to it extend by 18 months, to cover the full period of these closures. During this period, when the paths do not need to be closed they will be reopened, and once it is possible to use the north south path as an alternative route this will be made available. I appreciate that it will be inconvenient not to be able to use this path once again, but I’m afraid that in the case of a large development such as this, closures are inevitable.”

HCC has confirmed that it has received no request from the developers to close Bishops Stortford footpath (the ’Hertfordshire Way’) 34.

We will keep monitoring the situation and provide updates about closures and alternate routes available.

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