Hertfordshire County Council has recently issued a TTRO for BS footpath 15 which will result in a section of the path closing for up to six months to enable essential bridge work to take place.

Please refer to the notice below from Hertfordshire County Council for details and a map identifying the location of the bridge works and alternate routes.

‘s Stortford 015 Site Notice

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  1. Ian Hudson

    A member of the Association recently visited the site of the proposed works on BS FP15 and has reported that the footbridge is in a dangerous condition. The matter has been flagged to the Hertfordshire County Council Rights of Way Officer who has advised that on several occasions they have installed barrier tape on either side of the fire-damaged bridge but this has been removed. They are currently reviewing quotations for a replacement footbridge but it could take some time for work to commence as they are out of budget until 1st April and any work will require Environment Agency approval as the stream is classed as a “main watercourse”. We will keep you informed of developments.

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