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The launch has been announced of the Hundred Parishes Society, an initiative to raise awareness of a large area of northwest Essex, northeast Hertfordshire and southern Cambridgeshire that is particularly notable for its exceptional depth of heritage. Those who live here may take its ancient countryside and wealth of listed buildings somewhat for granted, but visitors are usually surprised when they discover the charm of the villages and small market towns and the attractive countryside in which they sit.

Until now, the area’s anonymity has probably been due largely to the lack of a name, so one has been created that it is hoped will eventually become as well-known as the Chilterns or Constable Country. The area has been called the Hundred Parishes to recognise that it contains just over 100 administrative parishes. Whilst the whole area enjoys a recurring set of special characteristics, each parish has its own identity. It is hoped that the initiative will encourage both residents and visitors to learn more about the area and will inspire them to explore and cherish it. A new website has been launched to explain the idea more fully.

It includes an introduction to each parish, a series of walks from railway stations and a short introduction to a number of notable people associated with the area. The website shows regular events and local attractions and there is a ‘What’s On’ page that lists opportunities to learn more and to get to places that you may not know.

The Society is a registered charity and the website includes details of how to become a member for a nominal subscription of £10 a year per family or organisation. Whether or not you become a member, the Society hopes you will make regular use of its website and that it will inspire you to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the Hundred Parishes.

Ken McDonald                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Secretary


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