A footbridge in the Southern Country Park (SCP), Thorley, has recently been closed to the public due to structural problems. It takes a bridleway over the Spel Brook close to the old pond at the southern edge of the SCP. Fortunately, there is a short diversion available.

HCC contractors have attempted to seal off the footbridge using tape but this has been removed several times. We have been informed that contractors will be returning to install wooden barriers at either end of the bridge.

Unfortunately, a replacement bridge may require Environment Agency (EA) consent, as they record the Spel Brook as a ‘main river’. HCC will be in contact with the EA over this, prior to asking for quotations from contractors. It is likely that these negotiations may take some time and they have apologised for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks to Paul Elliot, a local resident and former BSDFA committee member, who raised this matter with HCC. Paul regularly uses this route when leading Hertfordshire Health Walks.

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