Thorley Bridleway 30

We have received the following information with regard to Thorley Bridleway 20 from Nicholas Maddox Countryside Access Officer for our area:

I write to inform you about the situation on this path:

I was informed that a section of the decking had collapsed. I confirmed this by inspection and immediately imposed an emergency closure on safety grounds. My local small works contractor has carried out temporary repairs, but confirmed that the lifespan of this bridge is nearing its end. Local horse riders have been concerned for some time that it is twisting.

I have, therefore, obtained a quotation from his bridge contractor for a replacement bridge and placed an order with him for these works. A temporary closure order has been made for this route to allow these works to take place, but will only be imposed for the few days it takes to replace the bridge, as I believe it is safe in the meantime. I anticipate that this will be in about a month’s time.


Nicholas Maddex

Countryside Access Officer

Rights of Way Service Environment Dept.,

Hertfordshire County Council CHN103

County Hall,

Pegs Lane,


SG13 8DN

Direct line 01992 555243

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