UPDATE: Bishop’s Stortford Footpath 2 – Diversion Order 2022

We advised on 23 December 2022 that a diversion Order had been submitted by East Hertfordshire District Council under section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in order to enable development work for a new junction from the A120 (Bishop’s Stortford bypass) into the Bishop’s Stortford North development. The BSDFA provided the following representation:

“1. The diverted footpath will cross the new road linking the A120 to the Bishop’s Stortford North eastern sector. It’s unclear what form the crossing will take. Given that this has the potential to be a busy road I would hope that a signalled crossing is under consideration? Could you please clarify what actions are proposed to make this a safe crossing for pedestrians?

Bishop’s Stortford Footpath 0002 is temporarily closed due to the groundworks associated with this new access road. 2. Can you please provide me with an indication as to when you anticipate the works to be completed and the diverted footpath reopened to the public? 3. When we were first made aware of plans for this footpath diversion it was suggested that the section of footpath that connects to Bishop’s Stortford Bridleway 005 could be upgraded to a bridleway. This would make a lot of sense as it provide a link to the ‘greenway’ that the developers are creating alongside the Bourne Brook from Rye Street. This will create an important connection for cyclists (and pedestrians) travelling from the town centre to the new development and the countryside beyond. Is this upgrade still on the agenda?

4. Given that the new ‘greenway’ will provide a strategic link for cyclists and pedestrians we are keen for it to be adopted as a public bridleway. I appreciate that this is outside the remit of this Order but it is something that we will be pursuing with HCC Rights of Way team.“

We are pleased to confirm that Herts CC Highways has advised that the crossing will be a signalled Pelican crossing – this is one that can be used by both cyclists and pedestrians and is usually wider than one which is used exclusively by pedestrians.

We have also been informed that the footpath will remain closed until at least October 2023 – although past experience suggests that this date could be extended.

We are still in discussion regarding the two strategic questions and will post again as and when we have further news.

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