Thorley Bridleway 10 and Sawbridgeworth Footpath 1

Consultation on proposed diversion of Thorley Bridleway 10 and Sawbridgeworth Footpath 1 following the grant of planning permission under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990

The Association has responed (see below) to the Hertfordshire County Council Rights of Way Service regarding the above-mentioned consultation to divert Thorley Bridleway 10 and Sawbridgeworth Footpath 1 as a consequence of planning permission granted in 2013 for the construction of an agricultural reservoir on land between Thorley Church and Thorley Wash Farm. We have asked the Rights of Way Service to use the Consultation as an opportunity to address the long-standing problem of Thorley Bridleway 10 not following its legal route through the Thorley Wash Farm residential development. The legal route is blocked and bridleway users are following the farm track to the north of Thorley Wash Farm. The Association considers that it would make sense for this route to be registered as the official right of way.

 BSDFA Letter re Thorley diversions AUG16

Consultation letter 28 07 16

Draft Order v1 28 07 16

Planning consent 3-1304-13

Finished works plan no 0503CC1 21-03-14

If members would like to respond directly to the Consultation please ensure your comments are submitted to:-


Helen Denton,

Definitive Map Officer,

Rights of Way Service,


Hertfordshire County Council before 16 September 2016.

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